Formed in 1995, IARN is the International Audiotex Regulators Network. Its main objectives are to encourage exchanges of information and to provide general knowledge of the regulation of the audiotex industry and the way regulation is approached in the member countries. It has a rotating Chair and meets twice a year.

IARN plays an important role in working to ensure that the development of phone-paid services within the European Union (and beyond) goes hand-in-hand with effective consumer protection.

The Network:

  • maintains an up-to-date list of contacts for each member country
  • maintains regular contacts, in particular twice yearly meetings
  • exchanges information about regulatory methods and legal and administrative arrangements
  • maintains a set of guidelines, which are been set down in the IARN handbook
  • co-operates in identifying malpractices
  • remains accessible to all relevant regulators, regardless of whether they are current members or not
  • promotes awareness of the Group in the international arena and exchanges information with international regulatory organisations (especially, but not exclusively, the European Commission)
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